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Wherever you are in Louisiana, you can find WIC near you!  There are over 100 WIC clinics/offices and over 400 WIC-approved stores across the state to serve you in places you know.

Grocery Store Kiosks

Click below to visit the LA WIC Shopper Kiosk page and learn more about our grocery store kiosks!


WIC now has multiple tools for participants to find a clinic, search clinic hours, find directions to that clinic, and more!
Find the clinic  or WIC approved store closet to you, get directions, and find their hours.

You can also:

  • Click here to find the clinic closest to you based on your zip code.
  • Call 1.800.251.BABY to find a clinic.
  • Select a region on the map below for a list of all clinics in that area.

WIC Grocery Stores

NEW: You can now view all WIC-approved stores on an interactive map to find one near you. Click or tap here to open the map, then select a store location to get the name, address, and phone number.

Click here to find a WIC Grocery Store near you.

Region 5 Region 8 Region 7 Region 6 Region 4 Region 2 Region 9 Region 3 Region 1

Look at the map above. Click the color block below that matches the region you would like WIC clinic information for.